Golden Slot Android App

In addition to Flash and HTML edition, Golden Slot Android App is another option for those who like to the speed ! Game startup will be much faster in Golden Slot Android App. After downloading each game once, you will enjoy fast-start every time you enter the games. If it’s not exciting enough, Golden Slot Android App gives you the feature to stop each reel more interactively.

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Step 1 Download and install GOLDEN SLOT for Android.

Click here to download.

Step 2 before installing the system will alert settings to enable select Settings.

Step 3 system will enable you to select the Unknown sources.

Step 4 is to be alert, select OK.

Step 5 Unknown sources is checked to show up.

Step 6 system will install the game GOLDEN SLOT.

Step 7 Once the installation is finished, select Open.

Step 8 icon GOLDEN SLOT will be displayed on the page of programs.

Step 9 launch GOLDEN SLOT to the main page.

Step 10 downloaded games in GOLDEN SLOT who want to join.

Step 11 Select the game you want to play the system, make Login first.

Step 12 Login passed it will go into the game immediately.